Interview: Sidewalk Chalk

Exclusive 10 After Interview with Sidewalk Chalk

The proverbial “fusion sound” is one that is elusive in music today but Chicago-based band, Sidewalk Chalk, presents a masterfully crafted sound that is the exception to this fusion deficit. Weaving intricate pieces from brass, keys, and guitar harmonies with the vocals of both Rico Sisney and Maggie Vagle, Sidewalk Chalk balances delicate melody with energy from the hip hop and rock elements of their sound.  The combination of dichotomous sounds illuminates the depth of their poetic lyrics – often discourse about social issues. The enchanting riffs mirror their musical and poetic purpose. Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Mick Jenkins Is Important For Chicago

Artist Spotlight By: Evan Mack


Chicago’s gun violence is a problem with national attention.  Though the death statistics oscillate between high and low, they always tell the same story: Chicago’s south and west sides have been the home of relentless misfortune. The issue is often amplified by local and national media whose coverage adds fire to the misperceptions surrounding the “root cause” of Chicago’s problems.  However, a more intimate depiction of Chicago is found in the stories told by the city’s musicians.

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