Artist Spotlight: Tennis

Artist Spotlight by: Anna Prenzler

Tennis delivers the bubbly feeling of a pop group plus the vibe of a soul-searching indie-folk group. Comprised of the husband and wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, the Denver-based indie pop group equally contributes to songwriting while Riley takes over guitar and Moore vocalizes. The band thrives with looped harmonies, meaningful lyrics, and light pop beats, transporting listeners to a place of both burden and bliss. 

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Album Review: Under Pressure by Logic

Album Review by: Neud Kiros

With a name more fitting for a Knight of the Round Table, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, better known as Logic, finally released his debut album under Def Jam, Under Pressure. After four quality mixtapes and a barrage of one-off singles, we got what we’ve been waiting for. And it’s stellar. In our world of Instagram drama, Twitter beef, and all of the negative energy floating around these days, this project couldn’t have come at a better time. His uplifting message of “peace, love, and positivity” is one that should resonate with everybody, regardless of what you may think about his technical skills making music, which are out of this world, in case you were wondering. This album is nothing revolutionary for the Maryland-born rapper. Instead, he refined everything about his sound and crafted one of the best hip-hop albums of the year. Whether you were already a fan or not, there is something here for everyone. Continue reading

Album Review: Vibes by Theophilus London

Album Review by: Sam Orley

Theophilus London’s second album, Vibes, is shattering the grounds for the standards of a modern day rap album. The 12 track project was officially released on November 4th, but it is already making serious noise across the globe. Theophilus was born in Trinidad, raised in Brooklyn, but delivers a sound that fuses those hip-hop roots with euro-pop and Motown influences. Bending all boundaries, the album is unwilling to be defined by a single genre. For lack of a better word, the vibes given off on this album encourages one to get up and dance. On “Heartbreaker”, a futuristic and erotic ballad, he declares, “When I dip, you dip, we dip / I’m on my guac and salsa shit.” Theo, simply put, brought the funk.

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Album Review: Piñata by Freddie Gibbs

Album Review by Nick Moeller

By the time Freddie Gibbs tells you, “I don’t believe these rap n****s,” there’s something about his album Piñata that has you feeling equally as doubtful about the (other) major players in the rap game. There’s something inviting and enticing about every track on the collaborative album with Madlib; there’s something that brings you into Gangsta Gibbs’ world. He seamlessly paints a collective picture of a desolate, dog-eat-dog environment in Gary, Indiana that you somehow connect with it, despite having never been remotely close to the grisly descriptions of armed robbery, illicit drug sales, and murder. As the album progresses, these themes are delivered in stunning variety over a vast array of impeccable Madlib-manufactured beats that the listener never once thinks, “Did he say this already?”

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