Album Review: You’re Dead! – Flying Lotus

Album Review by Neud Kiros

Steven Ellison, known as Flying Lotus or by his rap persona, Captain Murphy, is one of the most intriguing artists out right now. He’s a pioneer of this new age that puts less emphasis on genre, and more on creating a journey for the listener to experience. His fifth album, “You’re Dead!”, is the latest example of the type of narrative that can be created through music. It’s a concept album that explores death and everything that it entails. His moody musings craft a standout piece that excellently balances the anticipation, fear, and sometimes, the beauty of death.

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Album Review: Into the Wide – Delta Spirit

Album Review by Evan Mack

When Delta Spirit’s Mathew Vazquez was asked two weeks ago on NPR to explain Hurricane Sandy’s effect on their most recent masterpiece, Into The Wide, his answer was simple: “We went through the summer without AC, and when the storm hit, that was heavy.”

Indeed, the whole of Into The Wide represents an escape from a grimy circumstance.  The persistent synth influence throughout and Vazquez’s characteristic yell is evidently influenced by the band’s weather-induced imprisonment.

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Concert Review: Leftover Salmon at The Ark

Concert Review by Evan Mack

The Ark, one of Ann Arbor’s premier spots for touring bands, hosted Colorado natives Leftover Salmon Wednesday, September 10th, luring a crowd of lively fans of the band and genre.  The venue first became relevant in the ‘60’s for bringing primarily folk bands to Ann Arbor — more recent shows included Shovels and Rope and Jeff Daniels and the Ben Daniels Band.

When we arrived to the show twenty minutes late, the crowd had already become intimate with the band, chirping their preferences, an act that might have been incongruous, or at least ‘too early’ for most concertgoers, but one that was generally appreciated by the band and their veteran leader, Vince Herman.  While talking with the crowd and switching between their most recent, self-titled, album Leftover Salmon, and older albums like The Aquatic Hitchhiker and Euphoria, the band lifted the audience from their seats.  With a resounding set of guitar and banjo solos from Andy Thorn and Drew Emmitt, the band took a set break leading the crowd towards the bar in anticipation of their return.

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