Preview: Ryoji Ikeda’s Superposition

By Connor Holm


verb (used with object), superposed, superposing.

  1.  to place above or upon something else, or one upon another.
  2.  Geometry. to place (one figure) in the space occupied by another, so that the two figures coincide throughout their whole extent.

Ryoji Ikeda’s superposition, coming to the Power Center on October 31, is everything but the ordinary. Constructed around the inexplicable that occurs in our world, the performance is extraordinary in and of itself, not just from the viewers’ perspective. Sound and visuals to convey “physical phenomena, mathematical concepts, human behavior and randomness” will all exist simultaneously, superimposed on each other in one performance. Don’t expect a pulse to come through in the audio, but yours may be apparent as you instinctively understand and question Ikeda’s large-scale manifestation of the microscopic world.

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