Java & Jams

Anjali Sundar & Jenny Friedman

After a long semester, it’s easy to get bored with the same old cafés, libraries, and even the once reliable desk in your room where you’ve written innumerable papers. So, in order to give you the motivation you need to make it through the rest of the semester in good class standings, we checked out some lesser-known coffee shops in Ann Arbor where you can enjoy some good tunes while doing school work or catching up with friends!

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Cave Session :: Asante and the Webslinger

Asante and the Webslinger stopped by the cave to have bru nch with us, paint our walls, and share some tasty melodies and bars.  Check out the video below:

Just a little nibble of what you might find at SpringFest. Roll through the diag during the day and you’ll find some white walls of your own to paint. Asante will be opening with Video 7 for Common on April 17th at Hill Auditorium. Get your tickets here. Check out the Michigan Daily’s piece for more info on the two openers, Asante and Antwaun Stanley.

Mixtape Monday: Fireside Chats

Sam Orley

Some consider Franklin Roosevelt one of the greatest because he lead the USA through its two biggest crises to date. Through fire and rain, four presidential terms or simply one summer evening, our fireside sounds are here for you.

We have heard the “hot damn” too many times from Bruno’s Uptown Funk and we are still freezing. Shall we see if a rural vibe does the trick?

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