Mimi Zak

I woke up early this morning and drank three cups of coffee, put on my warmest sweater, strapped on my boots and walked out the door to a snowy wasteland of a college town. I was headed to the library in some (hopefully) fruitful attempts to reestablish ‘good-student’ karma. Trudging through un-shoveled snowy sidewalk, I moved from the sidewalk and started to walk in the middle of the street. A cheap thrill surely, but it emphasized the awkward post-apocalyptic feeling that is delivered with any unmanageable weather condition. I switched from my favorite NPR news podcast to my Spotify account. With ironically sunny sky sparkling the snow around me, I wanted to make a soundtrack for this brave little trail I had begun to carve out.

Easier said than done. With freezing hands and equally cold ear buds, it was difficult enough getting my technology taken care of. And then the snow started to blow and cars began to appear. I gave up on the music and decided to focus my energy on placing one foot firmly in front of the other in the 12-inch snow pile that surrounded me. Eventually, and slowly, I reached the law library. Checking for footprints leading up to the entrance, I started to realize the sad reality approaching me: the library’s closed. The Law Library will be closed until 6 p.m. due to inclement weather read the sign on the door. Too cold and disappointed with my ignorance to produce an actual reaction, I turned around and headed home. My frozen fingers fumbled around my iPhone’s Spotify account once more, hoping to find a song to match the landscape. But I found nothing. I returned to my apartment quietly annoyed and sat down to start my homework. Boredom with academics had me inspired, so I made a playlist for when I venture out back into the snow at 6 p.m. tonight. Maybe this’ll help in trying to get where you want to go:

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